Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Address of Refugees from the Chechen Republic

From the history of the Caucasus and the country of Georgia we know that there was a migration and integration of different peoples and nations during various millennia. 
And we, the emigrant-Chechens have also occupied one part of the history.
We are the refugees from the Chechen Republic, living in Georgia since 1999, the outbreak of the second Russian-Chechen war. 
We have been asking questions since that not very remote past up to the present about our integration in this state. Because of these questions, the works of peacekeepers and the United Nations Organization have started.
And we are so grateful for this. 
We know what a war is. This is a pain and loss of our close people. This is a destruction of human values. We know what price we have to pay for our freedom. 
We ask the whole world to have a considerable approach to the problem such as keeping peace and quiet thorughout the whole Caucasus. 
Stop the bloodshed! 
We have found understanging and mercy from the country of Georgia. We would not like to go through the fear and loss of our people again. We value the peace and the lives of every person, and especially – of our neighbors. We wish bright future to all the children of the world.
Let peace and prosperity be with you!

Refugees from the Chechen Republic:

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