Thursday, August 21, 2008

Timeline of Events in the Russians Invasion & Occupation of Georgia

As of 23:00, August 20, 2008

The information below is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but is subject to verification.

20 August

22:30 Russians reopen Gori check-points

Russian troops reopened check-points in Gori that had been reportedly closed several hours ago.

18:30 Russians drop fire-setting bombs 10 km from Tbilisi

In Kiketi, 10 km from Tbilisi, Russian military aircrafts drop fire-setting bombs, the forest in burning

16:00 Russians occupy village in Chkhorotsku district, Samegrelo region, western Georgia

Russians enter village Chogha of Chkhorotsku district, Samegrelo region, with armored vehicles and start digging the trenches.

15:30 Russians make checkpoint in the entrance of Poti

14:00 Houses burning in Gori district

Houses in village Dzevera in Gori district are burning. Besides, the Boshuri forest is also burning and the villages Bisi and Bobnevi are under danger.

13:00 Russian militaries try to prevent Matyas Eorsi from entering Gori

Representative of the Council of Europe Matyas Eorsi is prevented by Russian militaries from entering Gori. After long dispute he entered the city, and was stopped again on his way back.
12:00 Governor of Shida Kartli arrested

Representative of President-Governor of Shida Kartli Lado Vardzelashvili is arrested by Russian militaries at one of illegal Russian checkpoints as he was trying to release the trucks with humanitarian aid to the population of Gori district. He was released from detention after two hours.

Russian militaries do not allow the trucks with humanitarian aid to enter village Karaleti in Gori district.

11:00 Russian militaries occupy village in Sachkhere district, Imereti region, western Georgia

Russian militaries occupy the village of Perevi, Sachkhere district, Imereti region. Over 50 Russian soldiers and three tanks are stationed there. It is reported that aggressors urge the population to get out of their houses and flee the village.

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