Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Georgian Women’s Emergency Appeal to the UN Security Council

11 August, 2008

Honorable Members of the Security Council!

We, Georgian women – mothers, wives, sisters, the victims of the Russian-Georgia war address our emergency appeal to you.

We address you from Georgia that is caught up in flames, and ask to circulate our Appeal among the UN Security Council members’ delegations with the view to allow us to reach our voice to you and inform you the following:

Today, we are unable to articulate with the diplomatic and even-tampered language characterized to the UN!

Today, we are unable to list all the preceding official documents of the UN that we were relying on and taking into account until now!

Today, we appeal to you from every blood-stained corner of Georgia!

Today, we are driven by the single goal – immediately stop the Russian invasion in Georgia and immediately cease the fire opened by Russian in Georgia!

We should consider that if the four unproductive meetings of the UN Security Council are four ordinary working days for you, it is the four dark nightmares lit up with the fire opened by Russia for us.

Please note, that unproductive meeting of the UN SC and non-adoption of the resolution, prolongs the bloodshed in Georgia. 

One decision in the SC might not simultaneously embrace the qualification of the occurred and the demand for the cease fire, as the SC already during four days stumbles over the adoption of the resolution which shall include both the situation qualification, recommendation and at last decide fait of Georgia. 

In the meantime, Georgia’s regions and the capital is continued to be bombed. Hundreds of civilians are killed and wounded, journalists and military personnel. 
Despite to our brutal suffering, fear over the safety of our children, pain and tears, we still remember our Resolution 1325 – Women’s Resolution. 

We call upon you, to let us realize our right, responsibility and choice – to continue our peaceful activity. 

We kindly plead with you, and demand, to stop prolonged discussions and adopt such a decision, which obliges the UN SC council member state to stop the fire.  

Nino Tsihistavi – Caucasus Women’s Network, Chairperson
Manana Mebuke – Chairperson, The Veterans Wives Association 
Irina Futkaradze – The Healthy World, Chairperson
Arina Tavakarashvili – The Multi National Georgia, Gori Office, Coordinator 

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