Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Timeline by 13th of August 10:20

Provided data is operational and may be subject to verification.

13 August

10:20 According to the local sources, Russian troops have entered Gori.

09:20 Russian armored troops (50 units) head towards Gori from Tskhinvali.

09:12 Four civilian cars with murdered passengers are reported to have been seen in the village of Tedotsminda, Gori district.

08:00 The village of Karaleti, Gori district has been attacked by Ossetian separatists again. Cases of physical assaults and abuses of the local residents are being reported.

01.05 According to the information from the local civilian sources, Ossetian separatists are taking hostage Georgian residents of villages Nikozi, Dzveri, Tkviavi, Karaleti (north of Gori). Population of village Berbuki, Gori District is gathered on the road, asking to be evacuated.

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