Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don’t give Russia hosting rights to 2014 Olympics

Letters to the Editor
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am glad to see some front-page local coverage of the terrible situation in (the former-Republic of) Georgia. Thank you, Sen. Joseph Biden, for going to Georgia!
I have been traveling to Georgia since 1990 about once a year and have many ties of friendship and faith in that most ancient land. There is no excuse for the Russian military action and occupation of Georgia.The Russian military has blockaded key highways, taken over a vital Black Sea port, stopped the free movement of the people of Georgia, and largely prevented humanitarian aid from reaching those in need.I join with all the citizens of Georgia who want Russian forces out. The Russian government has been implementing its evil agenda against this neighbor – and it must be stopped.There is great suffering and sorrow throughout the Georgian land. Russia and Georgia are predominately Orthodox Christian lands. They should live in peace with one another.I endorse congressional efforts to ask the International Olympic Committee to deny Russian the 2014 Olympics. I support expelling Russia from the G8.Meaningful measures must be taken by all who value freedom before Russia dismembers Georgia. I pray for all who are suffering and have died.
Janet A. Koczak, New Castle

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