Monday, August 11, 2008

Russian Forces Block Humanitarian Corridor

Sunday, August 10 . 21:50 Tbilisi, Georgia

Russian Forces Block Humanitarian Corridor To Tskhinvali, Deny Entry to
Medical Personnel

Georgian medical staff trying to enter Tshkinvali via the humanitarian
corridor established after Georgian forces announced their ceasefire and
withdrawal from South Ossetia have been denied entry by Russian forces that
control the city.

Emergency staff are urgently trying to gain access to the city to provide
vital medical support to injured Georgian and South Ossetian civilians. The
city has been virtually destroyed by the Russian invasion. There are
currently no medical supplies remaining there.

The humanitarian corridor was established by Georgian forces specifically to
enable the safe passage of refugees out of the conflict zone, and allow
access to the city and its surrounding area for emergency medical personnel. 
Posted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia at 10:50 PM

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