Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Council for Inter-Religious Cooperation

#5 August 10, 2008

Announcement Made in Reference to the Events Taking Place in Georgia

We the leaders of Georgian traditional religious organizations and the parish are much concerned because of the situation that has evolved on the territory of our fatherland – Georgia during recent days. 
The situation that is now in Georgia creates threat not only to the stable and sustainable development of Georgia, but also to the whole region of South Caucasus, the deplorable outcome of which will be unimaginably severe for the whole mankind in general. 
We are very concerned about the human casualties and material damage that have taken place in South Ossetia and other regions of Georgia. For us the most worrying notifications are those about the deceased children and civilians. We are praying for saving the souls of the deceased and we ask the God that the death machine stop activities in our country. Besides, we express our condolences to the close people and family members of the deceased. 
We share the aspiration of the statement made by Catholicos Patriarch of the Whole Georgia, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II, and we think that everybody is obliged to respect the territorial integrity of Georgia.
We ask the confronting sides to remember the commandments of the God and be guided by their inspiration. 
We pray the God to help us and let the negative processes be over in our country. Let Peace and prosperity be there in Georgia and in Caucasus, Amen!

Malkhaz Songhulashvili,
Archbishop, Head of Evangelical-Baptist Church of Georgia 

Giuseppe Pasotto 
Bishop, Apostolic Administrator of the Catholics of the Latin Rite of Caucasus 

Vazgen Mirzakhanian,
Bishop, Head of the Georgian Eparchy of Armenian Apostolic Holy Church
Ghazi Akhund Ali Aliev
Representative of Caucasus Moslems Department in Georgia 

Avimelekh Rozenblat
Acting Chief Rabi of Georgia

Heinrich Scheffer
Bishop, Head of Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Georgia

Tbilisi, August 10, 2008

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