Monday, August 11, 2008

Mass Arrests of Peaceful Civilians

Tbilisi, 11 August 2008

According to reliable information held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Russian servicemen and separatists carry out mass arrests of peaceful civilians of Georgian origin still remaining on the territory of the Tskhinvali region and subsequently concentrate them on the territory of the village of Kurta. 

Georgia appeals to the International Red Cross and other humanitarian and international organizations and the international community as a whole to immediately take decisive and effective measures for the evacuation of this population from the conflict zone. 

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TSWorld said...

We, Georgians, are strong people and always standing in unity! We are the fighters for freedom, for democracy, for justice and for HUMAN RIGHTS!!!
Unfortunately, Russian illiterate gov and military personnel do NOT value human lives and never did. Those committing violent crimes against Georgians, against humanity WILL BE brought to International Criminal Court and WILL Be prosecuted for their crimes.