Monday, August 18, 2008

Timeline for August 17th, to 19:30

17 August

19:30 More bridges mined by Russian Military in Kaspi districtRussian soldiers are mining two local bridges in Kaspi district.
16:30 Supsa oil terminal approached by Russian armored vehicleOne Russian armored vehicle approaches the Supsa oil terminal on the Black Sea coast.
14:05 Russians are mining roads in SvanetiRussian troops are mining the road and bridges south of Mestia, Svaneti region.
13:25 Russian military helicopters land in SenakiEight Russian military helicopters have landed at the Senaki military base.
11:30 Russians withdraw from Senaki baseRussian troops left Senaki base and are moving towards the entrance of villages Rekha and Menji nearby.
11:25 More Ossetian militants enter the town of Akhalgori, 40kms Northwest from TbilsiAccording to information received from the head of administration of Akhalgori district, another 60 Ossetian militants have entered the town of Akhalgori.
10:45 Russian troops enter Senaki military base once again21 Ural type Russian military tracks and 4 armored vehicles accompanied by 1 helicopter have entered Senaki military base.

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