Monday, August 11, 2008

Appeal of the Georgian Government to the Abkhaz Nation

Recent developments have clearly demonstrated imperialistic aspirations of the political authorities in Russia towards the Caucasus. 
Russia applies a classic method aiming at playing the Caucasus people off against each other thus justifying military intervention under the disguise of peace keeping mission. 
Unfortunately, the August developments brought us to the armed confrontation in South Ossetia. Today, this has transformed into a full scale military aggression against Georgia. It is self-evident that Russia is trying to trap the Abkhaz into this military reckless scheme. We call upon the population of Abkhazia and de-facto authorities to show expediency and a common sense and abstain from being trapped into yet another dirty game of Russia willing to kneel the whole Caucasus. 
Developments in South Ossetia, when the Russian war planes ruthlessly bombed and razed Tskhinvali to the ground, which was full of peaceful civilians, made it clear that Russian hollow words on being concerned with welfare of Ossetians was made only for the purpose to justify their aggressive acts. The Ossetian nation has experienced irrecoverable losses. Therefore, it is apocalyptic for small nations to become a hostage of Russian provocations. For centuries we have been living together and we shall not allow it to happen that our future depends on Russia’s imperialistic aspirations. Disunity of the Caucasus people many times was costly for us; we should not make the same mistake again. 
Georgia is ready for political dialogue including international guarantees. We reiterate our appeal to the Abkhaz not to yield to the Russian provocations and not to make a historical mistake. We call for a dialogue and hope this appeal will bring results.  

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